mamaATM is designed and developed to provide agency banking and other utilities serviceS with embeded cutting edge technologies.

Agency Banking services refer to the delievery of financial services (e.g money transfer, cash withdrawal, Account Balance, Bank Account Opening etc) outside conventional bank branches by using retail outlets (Supermarket, Grocery, Pharmacy, Bookshop, Filling Station, etc) that rely mainly on pos or mobile phone (STK) technologies for realtime transactions.

Agency Banking is added to our numerous services to provide financial services to low-income earners, living in rural area and not currently reached by bank networks.


Some of the standout features of mamaATM  are:

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. QWERT Key Board
  3. Screen Touch
  4. Inbuilt Memory Smart Card Back-Up
  5. Multiple reports
  6. Detailed web report
  7. Ruggedness
  8. Multiple Connection Method (*Dual-SIM GSM GPRS, *RJ45 and *3G)
  9. Efficient battery life (up to 10hrs) etc
  1. Supermarkets
  2. Pharmacies
  3. Mini-Marts
  4. Groceries
  5. Cyber Cafés
  6. Bookshops
  7. Filling Stations
  8. Retail Shops
  9. Phone Repair ShopEtc

NOTE: mamaATM could be used by government agencies, political parties/ politicians and NGOs as an empowerment/ Poverty Alleviation tool.