Helpline Family

Helpline Family an “open-ended” Closed User Group (CUG) service powered by MTN Nigeria Communication Limited and marketed by Helpline Telecoms Nigeria Limited. This facility avails the users the opportunity to make unlimited calls to each other without having to load airtime outside the payment of a Monthly Service Rental (MSR).

Helpline Family was developed because it was identified that the cost of making calls is generally high and most people make calls to some people almost on a daily basis. It therefore makes economical sense for organizations, companies, political parties and individuals to get a package that can reduce the cost of communicating with these set of people no matter their location in Nigeria as long as the operator’s network coverage extends there. This is what Helpline Telecoms has done with Helpline Family.

  1. Government ministries and agencies
  2. Political parties/ associates
  3. Corporate Institutions
  4. Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  5. Educational Institutions
  6. Construction and Manufacturing companies
  7. Haulage/ Logistics and Courier companies
  8. Tourism and Hospitality organizations
  9. Private Users

N1,000 per month.

  1. Free 24/7 calls within the group (No cap on useable minutes)
  2. Free SMS within the group.
  3. No limit on the number that makes up the group. (Entry level is ONLY 2 lines)
  4. Cheaper call rates to those outside the group and other networks.
  5. No geographical limit, it can be used wherever the reach of network operator is
  6. Equipped with all features of the network operator.
  7. Helpline Family saves you from:
  8. Sleepless midnights free calls,
  9. High tariff plans offered by other operators,
  10. Limited call time due to capped minutes on other operator’s CUG
  11. It comes with affordable Monthly Service Rental (MSR).
  12. Can serve as office intercom without the burden of wires and cables!
  13. Personalized Customer Service Experience unequal to none.
  14. Monthly access charge payment could be made in the nearest authorized commercial bank.
  1. Where can I buy my own Helpline Family line? Call us on or 08032031599 or 0903886830.
  2. Why can’t I buy at Operator’s (MTN) office? Though this service is powered by MTN, Helpline Telecoms is the sole marketer of Helpline Family and is not sold at Operator’s office.
  3. Are there restrictions to the location I can make use of my Helpline Family line? There are no restrictions as the line can be used anywhere as long as the Operator’s network coverage extends there.
  4. Does the payment cycle run for every thirty (30) days i.e. if I pay on the 15th of June; is my next payment due on the 14th of July? No. The Monthly Service Rental (MSR) is monthly. This means that even if you make your monthly payment on the 15th, the payment is only meant for that month.
  5. When am I expected to pay my Monthly Service Rental (MSR)? On or before the 25th of every month to avoid disconnection.
  6. Where can I make my Monthly Service Rental (MSR) payment? At designated banks. Please contact us for payment details.
  7. Can I pay for more than one (1) Month Service Rental (MSR)? Yes, you can pay for as many months as you want though for a new activation, you may be required to pay for more than one month ahead. See product page for details.
  8. Can I settle my Monthly Service Rental (MSR) by loading airtime on my phone? No. This facility is not yet available.
  9. Is this service run as a post-paid or pre-paid? Though the platform is on post-paid platform, it is being run as a pre-paid service as you’re required to pay before enjoying the service.
  10. What’s the minimum and maximum number of lines required for this package? Minimum of one (1) line (but you must at least know one other person on the platform for you to enjoy the facility) and there’s no maximum number of lines.
  11. Can I add to the number of lines in my group later? Yes you can at any time and by any quantity.
  12. Can I call others on Helpline Family free even if they’re not within my own group? Yes (within same network). All our lines are actually within one group. It’s one very big family!
  13. Are calls to other MTN users free? No. You will be charged for any call terminating to a line outside Helpline Family individual package.
  14. Are text messages to other Helpline Family lines free? Yes. SMS text message are free within the line.
  15. Is internet facility available? Yes, for compatible devices and activation and configuration please contact the Operator’s Customer Care directly.
  16. Is internet facility free on Helpline Family? No, the normal Operator’s charges for internet usage will apply depending on the package subscribed to.
  17. If I’ve paid my Monthly Service Rental (MSR) but my friend is yet to pay his, will I still be able to call him free? No. You will be billed for the call as any line that’s been de-activated due to non- payment of the Monthly Service Rental (MSR) will be treated as a ‘normal’ line.
  18. Is there any penalty if I don’t pay my Monthly Service Rental (MSR)? Yes. These include your line being deactivated from the ‘Family’ and in some cases barred by the operator for a few days without being able to call or receive calls. On request for re-activation, you will also have to pay for the month you were disconnected in addition to the following month’s MSR.
  19. Will I enjoy a lower Monthly Service Rental (MSR) if I want to buy for example 200 lines? Please call 08032021599 or 09038868603 for volume discounts if available.
  20. I already have an existing line; can I migrate to Helpline Family? Yes but only if the line is not previously on another CUG platform.
  21. Will I be able to use the line (s) from the time of purchase? No. On MTN you will need to wait for about 48 to 72 hours before you can begin to enjoy the free calls facility.
  22. Can I just buy a Helpline Family SIM since I already have a GSM SIM enabled handset? Yes.
  23. Can I still be on a business package even with my Helpline Family line? No. You can’t be on any other package while on Helpline Family. Activating any other service will disconnect you from the family. Please call us when in doubt before attempting to activate any other package as advertised by the operator.